Red Square

Red Square in Moscow.
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Автор: Ирина Нестерова ✔ 04.03.2018

Нестерова И.А. Red Square // Энциклопедия Нестеровых

Red Square - the view that once struck me. Red Square is situated in Moscow Russia.

Red Square

Now I would like to tell you about the view that struck me. It was a Red Square at night time. No doubt everybody knew what is the Red Square. Red Square lies just outside the Kremlin walls. This large plaza, about 1/4 mile long, took its name in Russian from an old word meaning both beautiful and red. Talking of the Red Square i want to mention that huge military and civilian parades were held in Red Square in order to celebrate various special occasions.

Last year I visited Red Square at winter night. It was a cold night and there had been a snow shower shortly before, but now the night was clear and wind-still. The wide expanse of the square was glistening white with fresh snow. I stood with our backs to the GUM department store, Saint Basil’s Cathedral floodlit to our left, beside it the star on the spire of the Spasskaya Tower glowing softly red in the night. Before us rose the ochre walls of the Kremlin. Moreover in front of them there was activity at Lenin’s Mausoleum. It was the changing of the guard. Young soldiers in winter coats with red and gold epaulettes goose-stepped in to relieve their comrades, the arc-lights reflecting from their polished high boots.

I remember being struck by a sense of history. There, in the Kremlin, many years ago, Ivan the Terrible had lived, and Napoleon had watched Moscow burn. And then I thought no more and simply stood, caught in the wonder of the moment. I might as well add that I looked up and saw the flag above the copper dome fluttering bravely in the wind. There's one more thing to be noted snowflakes sparkles like diamonds around me. A lot of people walked along the Red Square. The majority of them looked happy. I felt a real freedom. I was happy too.

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