Some facts about Russia.
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Автор: Андрей Нестеров ✔ 02.08.2016

Нестеров А.К. Russia // Энциклопедия Нестеровых

Some facts about Russia.

The official name of our country is the Russian Federation. It lies both in Europe and Asia.

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. Its total area is over 17 million kilometers. It occupies about one-seventh part of dry land. Moscow is the capital of our country.

The population of Russia is almost 147 million peoples.

There are more than 200 nationalities in Russia. The mains of them are Russians (80,9%), Tartars (3,87%) and Ukrainians (1,41%).

The state language is Russian.

The official religion is Orthodoxy. There are also Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Catholics.

Russia has eleven hour's zones.

Russia borders on Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazahstan, Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, White Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Norway. Russia is washed by three oceans. They are Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean. Baical the deepest lake in the world is situated on the territory of Russia. There is an exit to the Caspian Sea the biggest lake in the world. Four great rivers flow on the territory of Russia. They are Volga, Enisei, Lena and Amour.

Russia is situated in four climatic zones. They are arctic zone, subarctic zone, medium zone and subtropical zone. There is rich flora from subtropical cultures till mosses in the arctic zone.

Russia is a federative state, the president republic. The head of the state is the president who is elected for six years. The last election was in 2012. The parliament consists of two Houses. They are the Council of Federation presided by Valentina Matvienko and the State Duma presided by Sergei Naryushkin. The government is presided by Dmitrii Medvedev. Members of the Duma are elected for four years. Members of the Council of Federation are not elected. They are appointed by native authorities. Each region is represented by two members of the Council of Federation. There are 85 subjects of federation. There are 46 regions, 22 republics, 4 autonomic districts, 9 lands, 1 autonomic region and 3 federal meaning's cities.

I think Russia is the greatest country. I am proud that I am a citizen of it. Russia stood firm Tartar-Mongol yoke, Swedes, Frenchmen and fascists. "Who comes with the sword to Russ will die from the sword. By that is standing and will be standing the Great Russ".

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