The inequality between rich and poor nations

The inequality between rich and poor nations is now wider than it has ever been before.
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Автор: Ирина Нестерова ✔ 28.02.2018

Нестерова И.А. The inequality between rich and poor nations // Энциклопедия Нестеровых

The inequality between rich and poor nations is now wider than it has ever been before.

The inequality between rich and poor nations

The poverty problem exists so long ago, peoples sufferings are so far removed from the experience of other people in rich countries, while the number covered by poverty so great that it all tends to be considered simply as part of statistics. Only when the television shows us a shocking view of malnourished children and devastated villages in the earthquake, the government and people start to react. In fact, the spontaneous reaction of states and nations to disasters, war or acts of terrorism and violation of human rights is a happy indication that compassion still exists in modern "jungle".

Examples of the poorest countries are: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Haiti just to name a few. They are poor, because they have either been in civil wars or do not have the stability to develop a high standard of living. Lets see the main reasons of the inequality between rich and poor nations.

Distribution of food in the world reflects the overall inequality between rich and poor countries. According to World Health Organization, ten million children under five years of living in third world countries, in fact, starving.

Corruption is the main cause of poverty and famine in most parts of developing and poor countries, because of the corrupt government employees. Thousands of people are suffering and the children are the most affected. Moreover the children in poor countries are not go to school. They have to work to meet the family needs and they become a part in family income.

Another important reason of poverty is that all rich countries consume much more resources then their fair share. Therefore, poor countries are unable to provide their citizens with these decent living conditions.

And at last we have to mention the problem is the climate change or global warming. As a consequence, dry summer and lack of rain can lead to drought in farmers land or even heavy rain also destroyed the land and these is not the farmers problems but the whole nations.

Many politicians and scientists are fighting over the problem of reducing the gap in living standards between rich and poor countries, but unsuccessfully. The reason of it is that only a few people in the rich countries interest in the problems of poor countries. Apathy prevents the serving of the problem.

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